Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Few Little Questions: Guest Post by Nora Coryell

A Few Little Questions

Did the Amador County Board of Supervisors openly violate the Brown Act by attending a local tea party meeting en masse and discussing county business there?

It sure looks like it. In fact, I've done a little research and it seems that is the case. In their on line minutes from their last meeting they adjourned to their next regularly scheduled meeting and NOT to the tea party meetup (which was filmed and can therefore be judged for content). We all know that the tea party is a far right, political action group and their political agenda is clear on their website.

Even if there could have been a few misguided Democrats present to see what was happening, the fact remains that this is a partisan, Republican club and the sups had no business going there in their public capacity and discussing county business in that setting. In fact, it's an outrage, and a complaint should be filed with the FPPC.

Secondly, did one of the sups give a large cash gift to TSPN, which owner Tom Slivic has freely admitted is a conservative Republican leaning entity which since it is "his business he can run it any way he wants to" ( this is a direct quote made to me personally). Was that payment a bribe? a reward? some type of payola? What gives? If it was in fact intended to benefit a specific needy group in the county, should it not have been given directly to that group's representatives? This needs looking into also, as he apparently campaigned on "donating" his salary.

Also, if there is a newly elected official who does not reside in the county as legally required, that needs investigating too, by the proper agency or authority. The attorney for that agency can hardly be considered to have an unbiased opinion about that.

And finally, in looking back through the minutes of their meetings, I noticed that about a year ago, Sup. Oneto stated he was prevented from voting on the Miwuk land situation after advisement, probably by the Fair Political Practices Commission, that it wasn't allowed. He should certainly not be weighing in on the public health officer issue if in fact he has a current land access dispute with him as has been alleged. Has he ever heard of "conflict of interests"?

Here's the big question: will local Democratic Party leaders, citizens and the media see to it that at least some of these questions are answered? Hope springs eternal.


  1. It is good you are making us all aware of this.

  2. Oneto has never understood what a conflict of interest is.