Friday, November 18, 2011

My Path to Freedom

By Meghan O'Keefe

         WE WILL STAND
In 2010 I had been earning six figures for about ten years, owned a ritzy house east of Cleveland Ohio, and didn't think much about money. However, the poverty in Cleveland quickly wore away my "happily-ever-after". I wanted to get off the grid and out of a lifestyle that was isolating me from authenticity, freedom of expression, and my mission to Repair The World. Thus, I left my partner and my life and shortly after was laid-off.

I returned to Amador County in pursuit of a self-sufficient lifestyle. Much of my song-writing addresses Freedom, Liberty, and my unending desire to break free of corporate dependency. In a county of much patriotism, I am alarmed at the lack of energy devoted to the sanctity of our 1st amendment right. Therefore, although I am not in a major metropolis, I believe that my efforts to shed light on global wealth disparities are even more valuable. Furthermore, song-writing is one way for me to be involved from my rural location.

I was writing songs of freedom long before #occupy and my stand will continue forevermore. There is nothing left for me to do in life but spread Love, Peace, Liberty, and Freedom. That is all I know.

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  1. OH so nice....
    have you heard Ry Cooder's brand new one?
    Played on Democracy Now
    "Wall Street Part of Town"